• Interior, tables and seats in the bar area
  • Interior, bar area and private booths
  • Interior, bar area, guests chatting and enjoying drinks in a private booth
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About us

Outworld Brewing reinvents the brewpub experience through a Sci-fi Fantasy theme for those who wish to experience excellence in craft and difference in atmosphere. Outworld Brewing offers a defiantly different brewpub experience, one that fuses beer and food with a unique atmosphere that welcomes all.

Highlighting Sci-fi & Fantasy themes and events, we promise a dining and drinking experience like no other. Located on the eastern outskirts of Longmont, Outworld Brewing has become a destination for music, comedy, dinner theater, and other niches, themed entertainment such as cosplay, Dungeon and Dragons, and Other Role-Playing Games. Outworld was Created to encourage exploration and offers something for everyone.


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